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Our Services

International travel can be complicated at the best of times, let alone during a crisis like COVID-19. Our Travel Advisors are up to date with the current travel restrictions, safety information and travel/documentation requirements.


If the situation, or your circumstances, should change, our Travel Advisors will work to find alternative solutions to get you back home.


Our expert Travel Advisors will assist with:

  • Booking/Rebooking flights

  • Advising on required travel documentation

  • Advising on managed isolation requirements

The New Zealand Government has created a 'Managed Isolation Allocation System' to ensure everyone coming to New Zealand has a confirmed place in a managed isolation facility before they board their flight. 

All travellers coming to New Zealand will need to register on the system as the first step to securing their place in managed isolation. 

Once the individual traveller, couple or family group has completed their registration, they will be issued a voucher that confirms their allocation to a place in managed isolation. Everyone will need to present their voucher at the airport in order to board their flight.

From 3 November 2020 travellers to New Zealand are legally required to have a voucher that confirms their managed isolation arrangements. Airlines will not be able to issue a boarding pass to anyone without a voucher.


If you require assistance with this, we can help. You can also go here for more information.